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I didn’t know this huge blogging world existed until I clicked on a comment Mikalee wrote about the wedding of Carol & John blah blahs. Luckily I’ve fogotten their names now. Absolute nobodies.  On the other hand, however,  anyone  who’s likely to read this,  knows Mikalee. She’s as famous as Madonna now & should just go by the one name.

So I’m not really a blogger. I only joined because I didn’t like being anonymous in case it showed a lack of genuineness (Team Mikalee are allowed to make up words when the right one just isn’t there.) 

So here’s proof I am a real person with lots of ideas.  (Too many replies on MIkalee’s posts, me thinks, but I just can’t help myself!) and I’m happily out there if anyone wants to discuss ,debate or hear hear any of my comments.


P.S. Does this mean I’m a WRITER now?

Written by salmart2

May 21, 2011 at 1:14 am

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